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Massage Therapy

River of Health Acupuncture Clinic is now offering Massage Therapy.

Our therapist, John Custer, LMT specializes in Therapeutic & Deep Tissue Massage. John also utilizes Trigger Point, PNMT & CranioSacral techniques. He offers Corporate Chair massage. John is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Wisconsin and is a member of ABMP. He is located in our clinic in Jefferson, WI.

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'The physician must be experienced in many things,' says Hippocrates,
'but assuredly also in rubbing;
for things that have the same
name have not always the
same effects.

For rubbing can bind a joint that is too
loose and loosen a joint that is too
rigid...Rubbing can bind and
loosen; can make flesh
[here Hippocrates believes that massage
can help build muscle tissue] and
cause parts to waste.

Hard rubbing binds; soft rubbing loosens; much rubbing causes parts to waste;
moderate rubbing makes
them grow.'

Massage is the most ancient of the healing practices primarily because it is such a
built-in human instinct.

To rub an aching neck, head or back comes
as naturally to us as breathing. There are
many physiological benefits to massage besides the fact that it simply feels
good. By understanding these
benefits, we can see why it
is such an effective means
of combating the effects
of stress.

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Massage Therapy -  

Massage Therapy -                                                      

John Custer is aMassage Therapy -