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What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ?

TCM - We are often asked if Traditional Chinese Medicine is safe. As with many other fields of health care, it is very safe when practiced by trained and qualified professionals. In most states, including Wisconsin, a trained and qualified acupuncturist is licensed or certified by the state regulatory body. This generally requires an acupuncturist to have earned a graduate degree and hold a national board certification.

Additionally, acupuncture is defined as a minimally invasive procedure and has an extremely low factor of risk. Further by using proper needle techniques, Clean Needle Protocol, and pre-sterilized single-use needles acupuncture procedures are among some of the safest medical procedures. The needles used in acupuncture are very fine and insertion is for the most part painless.

Did you know there is a difference between an actual Licensed Acupuncturists (L.A.c.) and Undertrained Acupuncture Providers ie: Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Naturopaths, Dentist, Nurses etc.

L.A.c. has over 2,000 hours of acupuncture training. 3-4 Years of nationally accredited Master's level, on-site training. Hundreds of hours of hands-on clinical experience with at least 250 actual patient treatments. As well as a National certification exam in acupuncture or equivalent state board exam. They are also required to complete ongoing continuing education to maintain national certification.

Undertrained Acupuncture Providers have 300 hours or less of acupuncture training, home study and video-taped lectures. They have minimal clinical experience in acupuncture or NO actual patient treatments. NO national certification examination required to prove competency and are not required to complete ANY continuing education EVER!


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